Currently in Beta

Checklists you can share, tag team, and see history.

Smartlist are checklists designed to be followed for important tasks. Add your team, and collaborate on a checklist with full history of when stuff got done.

See what happened

Every time you start a checklist, you'll have a record of what tasks were done when, with notes and status of each task.

True Tag Teams

Add people to your team, and collaborate on checklists. Know who completed what tasks and what they had to say about it.

Plug into your processes

Each List and Task can have outgoing and incoming webhooks to give you full flexibility in automation, allowing smartlists to plug right into your already existing orchestration tools.

Share your lists, evolve your processes

You can choose to make your lists public and allow others to fork your list into their teams. Allowing lists to build across communities.

Feedback Welcome

Smartlists is a side project right now from Ye Olde Software Co, and is currently under development and open to ideas/suggestions for features and improvement.